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FAQs About Upload

  • To upload an image of your fitness product, navigate to the designated upload section on our website.
  • Click on the "Upload File" button.
  • Choose the image file from your device that you want to upload.
  • Once selected, click on the "Upload" or "Submit" button to complete the process.

We support commonly used image file formats such as JPG, JPEG, PNG, and SVG for image uploads.

Yes, to ensure optimal performance and user experience, we recommend that images be under a certain file size limit, typically around 5 MB per image.

Yes, you can usually upload multiple images of your fitness product. Simply follow the same process for each image you wish to upload.

While our platform automatically resizes images to fit our display requirements, it's best to upload images that are clear, well-lit, and showcase your product effectively. You may choose to edit or resize your images beforehand to ensure they meet your standards.

Yes, you can upload images from your mobile device. Simply access our website or app through your mobile browser or our dedicated mobile app and follow the same upload process.

While there may not be specific resolution requirements, it's recommended to upload high-quality images that accurately represent your fitness product. Avoid uploading images with watermarks, text overlays, or any content that violates our terms of service.